Introducing Agadir

       Agadir caters mainly to package-tour holidaymakers, and will appeal less to independent travellers. Families will also enjoy relaxing on the beach and wandering around the handful of sights. If you do not have children in tow, however, we recommend heading elsewhere to make the most of a visit to Morocco.

Agadir sits by the Atlantic Ocean on Morocco’s southern coast. Virtually destroyed and then rebuilt following an earthquake in 1960, it is the most modern of the country’s cities, but still retains a sense of its past. We list the top 10 things to see and do here.

Hike To The Kasbah

Perched atop a hill in the city’s oldest district is the Kasbah, a set of fortifications built in 1541. In spite of its age, the Kasbah was one of the few buildings not to be leveled by the earthquake. Nowadays there are two main reasons for hiking up to it: firstly, it’s an impressive example of medieval Arabic architecture and secondly, the view it affords over the rest of the city is awesome.

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