Visiting TAFRAOUT city

Nestled in a valley among the Anti-Atlas Mountains in the south of Morocco is one of the country’s most precious treasures: the secluded oasis of Tafraoute. You will have to drive some 250km from Agadir on winding roads and dirt paths to get there. Once you arrive you will realize Tafraoute is worth the effort. Set against a backdrop of incredibly shaped rock formations, this hard-to-reach town is one of Morocco most relaxing destinations and the perfect base to explore the Anti-Atlas region. With very few tourists, lovely small restaurants, and spectacular places for outdoor adventures, Tafraoute is the ideal destination for those seeking to enjoy a relaxing getaway or an adventurous few days among nature.

The natural beauty surrounding Tafraoute is simply astounding and it would be a shame not to get wonderfully lost as you discover it. A drive around Amlen Valley, where Tafraoute is nestled, can take you to a host of different places including the charming Berber villages of Oumesnat and Emintizket. Check out the unique rock formations, and agadirs (hilltop granaries) in the villages of Amtoudi and Ikouka. Never heard of these places? That’s what makes this region so wonderful!

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