the region of Zagora


Zagora is a real gold mine for lovers of cinema and art-deco architecture. The cultural diversity of Zagora is not only at the level of architecture: monuments, ksours and kasbahs.The multiethnic population makes it a melting pot of Africo-berber civilizations. Its wealth lies in the fact that it is able to enhance its heritage and put it in modernity. 

Diversity of flora, fauna, nature and beautiful golden dunes Tinfou, M’Hamid, El Ghislane, Chegaga, Erg Lihoudi and N’Khila. The Drâa Valley has one of the most beautiful and spectacular desert landscapes. Zagora is first of all one of the palm groves that is the pride of this region of Drâa. Its explorers on camels or in cars recognize the generosity of this desert which offers them peace, purity and holiness.

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