Azilal, The incredible landscape

The incredible landscape that attracts more and more passionate visitors and nature lovers, then it is the ideal place to spend his summer under the sun with a mild and fresh climate. The city of Azilal is located in the High Atlas, at 1,351 m altitude in the center of Morocco , limited by the city of Beni Mellal , located at a distance of 86 km from the center of Azilal and the city fromMarrakech situated 242 Km from the center of Azilal.

It has a population of 30,000 inhabitants and enjoys a mild climate compared to the geography of the region, Azilal is surrounded by the chain of the Atlas, which makes it barrier and separates it from the region of Kelâat Mgouna. The most important mountain of the region is the M’goun which culminates at more than 4071 meters. The city has great places naturally made for the love of nature, mountains, plains, plateaus and forests, you will see at first sight the medieval valley of Bouguemaz, a beautiful tourist valley in the province of Azilal. 

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