The shortage between Morocco, Saudi Arabia and UAE

Relations between Morocco and Saudi Arabia and UAE were much more robust

Morocco has dismissed reports that it recalled its ambassadors to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates as the Moroccan’s Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita said, stressing that no Moroccan official has made such a statement.

Rabat – International observers are following the recent developments in Saudi-Moroccan relations carefully. While some predict the tension is just a passing cloud, others suggest that Morocco should reconsider entirely its diplomatic ties with the Saudi government.

Morocco, throughout its long diplomacy history, has its proper channels to make such announcements and does not rely on news agencies, he reportedly said.

the start of the friction between Morocco and Saudi Arabia is began as on the
overview on the timeline below

When Saudi Arabia and three allies decided to enforce a hard blockade in May 2017 on Qatar, Morocco’s refusal to back the Saudi-led coalition angered the peninsula.

Morocco has remained neutral throughout the Gulf crisis. King Mohammed VI even flew to Qatar on November 12, 2017.

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