The Moorish Wall Gecko (scient. Tarentola mauritanica)

The Moorish Wall Gecko (scient. Tarentola mauritanica) is a small species of lizard that reaches a total length of 16cm and can be found on the island of Crete.

The harmless Moorish gecko is frequently found in ruins, rocky surfaces, trees, and it often visits homes. It is a generally nocturnal reptile, which feeds on insects and arthropods. It is attracted by artificial light as its beloved insects are gathered there. Thus, you will meet it very frequently next to lights, lurking for mosquitoes and flies.

It has very weird legs that look like suction cups that help that climb everywhere. Its colors are whitish. Female geckos lay 1-2 eggs, 2-3 times per year.

These reptiles are commonly observed living in urban areas and have a length of about 5.91 inches. Other names include the European common gecko, crocodile gecko, Salamanquesa, and common gecko. Primarily, they are nocturnal but they are sometimes active during the day. Their brown or brownish grey colors usually get lighter during the light of day and get darker during the night. In urban areas, they can be found on trees trunks, constriction sites, ruins, and y other places. The diet is mostly composed of insects.

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