Top10 Moroccan Delicious Dishes I Bet you’ll like.

this  typical Moroccan soup, Prepared usually during the month of Ramadan, it is a very comforting soup after a day of young, rich and nutritious in addition to being a delight!

8- Ker3ines or the feet of mutton is a delicious dish!

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Yes, we know that eating calf or sheep feet, the first on board, it does not seem to be very appetizing. Taste this tajine and you will quickly change your mind. Ker3ines is a typical Moroccan dish, very greedy, usually prepared on special occasions or during periods of extreme cold. Originally, this recipe was prepared by Moroccan Jewish families, who served it with boiled eggs. Over time, the recipe has more or less expanded, and today it is customary to prepare it with chickpeas and raisins or with crushed wheat or rice. Each region of Morocco brings a grain of salt.

9- Mrouzia or lamb necklace with raisins

Mrouzia is one of the most important dishes of Moroccan cuisine. It is a sweet and salty tajine, with mutton or lamb and almonds, where the sweet aromas of honey and cinnamon predominate

10- The Mechoui or barbecue Maroccain

Mechoui is a dish based mainly on meat. It must also be said that the term Mechoui refers to the cooking medium rather than the main ingredient. The fact is the Méchoui is a dish that is eaten on special occasions (Eid El Kbir, weddings …). barbecue or the Méchoui became widespread in North Africa. It can be enjoyed with a glass of tea without fear of indigestion. All of course, without forgetting its 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

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